Born: 2010-02-26
7 Fontane Applausi of Miro' Pizzacata Magician of 7 Fontane GC. Fabuls Vantage GC. Fabuls Brat
GC. Catzilla Helzapoppin
Ellewyndale Lauren GC. Ellewyndale Magician
CH. Shadowplay's Precious Memories
Cattrax Megan Gale of 7 Fontane
Wynmar Odie of Cattrax Bardee's Checkmate of Wynmar Day
CH. Wynmar Windsong
GC. Cattrax Midnight Lace
GC. Copacats Marque O' Zorro of Cattrax, DM
CH. Cattrax Chantily Lace, DM
Sunny Day Black Velvet of Miro' GC. Barmont's Souvenir of Sunny Day
GC. NW. Barmont's Breathless, DM GC. QT Cats Sandstorm of Barmont, DM
GC. RW. Jlor's Bonnie Blue Chip of Barmont, DM
GC. Linmar Starlight Express of Barmont
GC. Linmar's Passion
GC. GP. RW. Polcann's Roxanne of Linmar
Sunny Day Carioca Sunny Day Sex Bomb GC. Barmont's Souvenir of Sunny Day
CH. Diapason's Aurora of Sunny Day
 Lepasdechat Typsy Girl GC. Cattrax Sugar Cube of Lepasdechat
GC. Marsamis Odette of Lepadechat
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