Miro' El Dorado

7 Fontane Applausi of Miro'


Pizzacata Magician of 7 Fontane


GC. Fabuls Vantage
Ellewyndale Lauren

Cattrax Megan Gale of 7 Fontane


Wynmar Odie of Cattrax
GC. Cattrax Midnight Lace

Sunny Day Black Velvet of Miro'


GC. Barmont's Souvenir of Sunny Day


GC. NW. Barmont's Breathless, DM
GC. Linmar Starlight Express of Barmont


Sunny Day Carioca

Sunny Day Sex Bomb
Lepasdechat Typsy Girl

S*Kung Bore´s Quest Of Gold


EC, EP S*Eddore Firedance DSM


IC Mossrose Soul Mate of Eddore


GC Bal-Ros Pric-Tom
Mossrose Ernestine Bass

S*Eddore Emotions N.F.S

EC Wynden Simply Red of Eddore
Kikicat´s Believer of Eddore
S*Eddore Princess Ayla


GIC Kikicat´s High Praises of Eddore


GC Kikicat Quiet Spirit of Fairviewers
GC Kikicat Pray In One Accord


S*Eddore Maybelline


Kitjim´s Blue Gene of Eddore
S*Eddore Themesong
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