My name is Kristina and I live in Umeå in the north of Sweden.
I share my interest with my youngest daughter Anna who assists me with photographing,
nursing kittens, grooming and showing. We show our cats at CFA & FIFE shows.  





I have always had a great interest in cats and dogs. During my younger years
I enjoyed grooming and preparing my parents spaniels for dog shows.
A few litters were born during those years and some of our dogs became champion.
NUCH Verkholmens As Good As Gold is pictured below after his Best In Show
at the Cockerspaniel clubs special breed show.

I bought my first persian in 1990, a chinchilla persian male S*Silverspirits Hot Piri Piri.
He was a lovely cat and a precious family menber.

He wasn't really a show cat and since I had an interest in showing cats it was
natural to look for a cat of show quality. In 2003 I had the great opportunity to buy the gorgeous bluetortie exotic Af Turevik Charlotta (S*Amors Troll Blue Hero x
Lilith's Exotic Water Lilly) from Anders Lahti. She completely stole the hearts from all the members in our family. From that moment we knew that in our house there will always
be persian and exotic cats. Unfortunately we lost her during her first pregnancy
and there will never be another cat like her......Photos of her can be seen on Angels page.

I got the cattery name S*Twice-As-Nice registred in FIFE 2005 and in CFA 2013 (TWICEASNICE). Our cats are loved members of our family and it's very important
to me that they enjoy their lives. They have the whole house to run about in and
an outdoor area aswell. Our cats come from strong healthy bloodlines tested NEG for PKD.
 To keep our cats healthy we do not offer our males to stud service.

If you are interested in our cats don't hesitate to contact me for furher information!


Photos from our balcony for the cats
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Our cattery has been approved  by the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency according to 16 § Animal Welfare Act.

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